Auto24 ring

Auto24ring is the only racing circuit dedicated exclusively to motor racing in Estonia. The complex was fully renovated in 2013. It offers 4 different modifications, the longest of which offers a 3.2 km race track. Auto24ring is the only racing circuit in the Baltic Sea that has a FIA Grade 4 license. Pärnu, a city near the ring road, is the fourth largest city in Estonia. With its 43 000 inhabitants, it is the most important beach resort in the country. Via Baltica - the motorway leading from Tallinn to Warsaw, Poland - passes through the city of Pärnu.

The city offers many hotels, spas, sanatoriums, cafes, restaurants and entertainment venues where many cultural and sports events are held. There is also a white sandy beach, which the Independent newspaper in 2011 named one of the 50 best beaches in Europe.


Length: 3 200m (measured on the roadway axis)

Width: 16,00m

Turns: 14 (9 left, 5 right)

Straight section: length: 450m

Gas station: yes

Number of boxes: 29


Auto24 ring




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