The modern history of the Brno Masaryk Circuit began in 1987. After two years from the beginning of the construction, a modern closed race track began to operate, which was created in an unusual forest environment on the outskirts of the Brno district of Žebětín.

Immediately in the opening season of 1987 returned to the Masaryk Circuit series World Championship of motorcycles, whose tradition in Brno dates back to 1965. Masaryk Circuit managed to maintain its position in the market economy and is still one of the most important race tracks in the world. In 1998 the boxes were expanded, VIP lounges were completed and facilities for competitors were added. In winter 2007/2008 the track was completely replaced by the track surface.


Length: 5,403.19m (measured on the roadway axis)

Width: 15,00m

Turns: 14 (6 left, 8 right)

Curve radius: minimum 50m, maximum 300m

Straight sections: 13, minimum length: 35,00m,

Maximum length: 636.56m

Climb: maximum 7.5%, 917,00m long

Descent: maximum 5%, length 410,00m

Altitude difference: 73.75 m

Altitude: 450 m

Noise limit: 107 dB


Masarykův okruh 201, 664 81







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