Le Mans

The Circuit de La Sarthe in Le Mans has become one of the classic circuits recognized worldwide, largely thanks to the 24-hour endurance race that made him famous. Every year in June, the eyes of the world of motorsport are staring at this eight-mile track where a sports event takes place that puts both man and machine against the harsh conditions of day and night. Many improvements have been made to safety features over the years, but the basic nature of the circuit remains. Today Le Mans consists of three circuits; the well-known 24-hour circuit, which largely includes public roads, and the smaller dedicated Bugatti circuit, which will entertain the crowds for the rest of the year. The third Maison Blanche course was added as a training and trackside device in the 1970s and is now home to the Porsche Experience Center.


Length: 4 140m (measured on the roadway axis)

Width: 12,00m

Turns: 13 (5 left, 8 right)

Boxes: yes

Gas station: no


Place Luigi Chinetti, 72019
Le Mans



Le Mans




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